Whenever you and your partner go out on a date, who pays the bill? Is it proper that the guy must always take the responsibility in paying it? This might be the common question of several individuals especially to those who are currently in a relationship. Actually, there is no definite rule for this issue. It relies on the set up of the couples. However, most women feel that the guy must always be responsible in paying the bill especially if it is the first date. Definitely the guy must be the one who pays the bill if it is a first meeting.

But what if the couples are already in the long term relationship? Is it still formal to let the girl takes the responsibility in paying? Money must not be an issue in a relationship because it can only ruin the relationship. There are guys who protect their ego that they do not want their girl to spend even a single centavo. This can be their way of showing that they are gentleman with their partners. In some cases, there are women who initiate to pay their bills when they go out with their partners. In some men, this can affect their masculinity because they feel that they are responsible in this matter.

There are studies showing that money matters are sometimes the cause of breaking ups. Because of individual beliefs, there are instances that it becomes the start of a quarrel. These issues can be resolved simply by just talking. It also depends on the couples’ arrangement if they are willing to do sharing.

For some couples, it is a requirement that they have to exchange gifts to each other in special occasions. This can be during anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas Day. But is it really important that you have to buy birthday gifts for instance? There are different answers for this kind of questions. Some will say that Yes, it is important because it is one way of expressing your love to your partner. While some may oppose saying that it is not important to give such things.

In reality, this depends on the perspective of a person. For some people, there are other important things that matters most than giving material things. Many would prefer to make it more personal by means of making personalized gifts. For some individuals, they appreciate the gifts that are personally made. They feel that their partner exerted too much effort in making the gift. On the other hand, those individuals who are buying expensive gifts for their partner mostly says that the price is not important as long as you will give it to the person you loved the most.

The bottom line of this article is that money and gifts must not be the basis of the relationship. Whether the guy or girl will pay the bill, or the gift may be expensive or cheap, what matters most is that you both understand and love each other even without those gifts.

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